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Company ethos: The Wahl Clipper Corporation is the worlds largest manufacturer of electrical hair clippers. They conquered the market through quality and precision with the aim of creating products focused on the end user. Wahl has a range of products for consumer as well as animal products.

Project: Wahl being a global leader, wanted to enter the Indian market. Positioning was to be such that it reflects WAHL as the top of the range product with options available for low end consumers as well with a huge advantage of having first in the segment after sales service center.

Execution: This ambitious target required an integrated approach, thus we created different communication strategies for all 3 products. Wahl needed 360 brand communication support, we designed e-mailers, brochures, flyers and took care of their Retail branding, event branding, store &mall activations, product stands, etc. Not only this we carefully constructed Wahl’s Ad campaign and Digital Campaigns so as to position them above their competitors.


Company ethos: Vedikk Foods is the brainchild of one foodie and one health freak. Hence, everything they provide strikes a beautiful balance between nutritious and yummy. They travel the world over to discover and bring the most exotic berries, seeds and nuts. These berries, seeds and nuts are so nutritionally dense that they have been coined the world over as 'Super Foods'. The aim is to provide these 'Super Foods' to this Market and thereby stir a Super Food Revolution in India.

Project: To create a Brand identity and advertising them to garner a market for their super foods.

Execution: We decided to give their brand a very earthy and organic look. The services undertaken in order to place them on top of the Indian health food market were logo creation, packaging, strategy consultancy and advertising.

Result: We were able to help Vedikk foods generate a lot of attention as well as e-commerce business.

   CLIENT: shizoku skin

Company ethos: Shizoku Skin offers a one-on-one quality experience that expertly addresses concerns, such as premature aging and wrinkling, acne, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. Shizoku Skin only uses high quality products in their customized treatments and the knowledge base necessary to guide customers through their experience.

Project: Being a new entrant into the market they required an identity creation and branding from scratch which would appeal to the elite consumers.

Execution: To be able to tap into the high class demographic we decided to design a logo which would depict luxury and royalty. Packaging and stationary designs relaying their opulent character was also created.

   CLIENT: jsw

Company ethos: An $11 billion conglomerate, the JSW Group is a part of the O.P. Jindal Group. With verticals that are exploring innovative and sustainable avenues in steel, energy, infrastructure and cement, the Group is paving the way for India’s development as a global superpower.

Project: The requirement was to reposition the Brand, which lacked a corporate image and was not performing well against the key competitor, Tata Tiscon.

Execution: We created a fresh look for the Logo, Brochure, tagline and website as well as redesigned the Dealer and Channel partner collateral. The in store branding of JSW Shoppe and complete branding of JSW DISHA: Store in Store format was conducted to infuse freshness into their infrastructure.

This repositioning to their cherished clientele was communicated through an Ad campaign for Newspapers and Magazines along with out of Home Campaign at Airports, Bus Shelters and other strategic locations.


Company ethos: F&N Dairies is a wholly owned subsidiary of F&N Holdings Berhad and is a major manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk, milk and dairy products, pasteurized juices, and ice cream in Malaysia. Their mission is "To be the leading Dairy and Food Marketeer in Malaysia with World Class Capabilities."

Project: To design special enhanced 3D hoardings and vehicle decals in order to break away from the clutter in the Malaysian market.

Execution: We were resolved to give them an enhanced branding solution of 2D designs which looked 3D to break away from the clutter of advertisements that are produced in the market today.

Result: The enhanced branding designs were displayed on foot over bridges of 90 feet as well as on buses across Malaysia.


Company ethos: Encore Capital Group is an international specialty finance company with operations in eight countries. Their success is fueled by their demonstrated commitment to conducting business ethically and in ways that support consumers’ financial recovery, sophisticated and widespread use of analytics, significant investments in data and behavioral science, and cost advantages provided by the Companies highly efficient operating model and proven investment strategy.

Project: Encore group has an advanced HR and welfare department working relentlessly to create an excellent work environment. Our job was to help design an environment which would elevate and raise the standard of work as well as employee satisfaction.

Execution: On the basis of their Company ethics and values we performed a list of services to uplift their workplace ethos such as Interior branding, employee appreciation weeks, Town halls, Communication for corporate philosophy and corporate values, milestone celebrations and designed the Company handbook.

Result: Encore Capital group won the GPTW award 3 times in a row as an outcome of their progressive initiatives with the assistance of Thebrandweavers who gave visual and creative support.


Company ethos: Amatrra Spa offers a synergic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenation treatments based on traditional Indian Ayurveda and Oriental spa rituals complimenting the best in the industry.

Project: They needed a 360 degree makeover of their brand. The brief was to market them as a luxury brand and to exponentially grow their membership.

Execution: We rebranded with a new website, several new events, contests and engaging activities for members. In order to position them as a “Luxury Wellness Destination”, cross tie-ups with high end brands like Porche, Mont Blanc, Shoba Developers etc. was essential. To keep up with the times an online presence is crucial, we delivered social media and creative support on every occasion. To give Amatra an edge, we proposed the launch of the ARTIS, advanced range of equipment at Amatrra Gym. Another addition was the introduced of Tarot reading for complete body wellbeing at the Spa with Ms. Laxmana Dalmia.

Result: We took the challenge head on to help Amatra Spa reach the heights we knew they could.


Company ethos: As longtime sellers of Antique Tea Ware, they offer a wide range of collectible tea sets, tea cups, and tea pots by Sadler, Fiestaware, Nippon, Roseville, Takahashi, and Royal Albert to list a few. They proudly stand by the quality of their teas and purchase only from reputable importers.

Project: The project requisite was to design two versions of packaging for 9 Lives tea, one for middle aged customers and one catering to the younger demographic.

Execution: We designed two versions of the packaging one high cost simplistic option and one low cost option for the youth where the packaging itself would open into a tea bag.