What a disaster! CWG is a classic case of a wonderful opportunity gone drastically wrong. What happened here? Did the government get overambitious? Did they misjudge the corruption capabilities of our officers and bureaucrats? Or is it just destiny and weather playing truant?
Whatever it maybe….the Brand India, stands tarnished for a very long time to come. India had positioned itself as a economic force to reckon with , when it fought off the recession to be some of the first economies to stabilize, and growth thereafter helped strengthen that positioning. And everything now gets washed out along with the rains that washed out CWG…
Why didn’t we start in good time? Why did the Central Govt. not play a more active part to get all forces mobilized? Why was the participation of all other states not sought? …so many questions unanswered, and a mess so huge, one cannot fathom how to wipe it off the face of India…..
…and the Games haven’t even started yet!

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Brand

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