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Balancing Functionality with Creativity

Balancing Functionality with Creativity I have always figured this to be a huge challenge! A client brief traditionally moves from the Client Servicing/Account Manager to the Creative Head/Art Director and then onto the execution team in the Agencies. The Account Managers are mostly hardcore networking and business development people, with good business sense and strong…

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Sensory Branding : What is this I smell??

Marketing and Branding is all about appealing to the emotions of your target audience. Its about creating an intimate connect with them, by appealing to their feelings, aspirations, fears, desires and wants. Isn’t it all about Senses? Alicia Clegg shares the story of Orgasmic Chocolates, the brain (or perhaps love) child of two budding UK…

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What a disaster! CWG is a classic case of a wonderful opportunity gone drastically wrong. What happened here? Did the government get overambitious? Did they misjudge the corruption capabilities of our officers and bureaucrats? Or is it just destiny and weather playing truant? Whatever it maybe….the Brand India, stands tarnished for a very long time…

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I read somewhere, Brands are not company names, Brands are not the Logo, Brands are not even what you say they are, Brands are simply the GUT FEEL of your customers and potential customers, about what YOU are. How true. Today everything , everyone, every entity aspires to have a Brand Equity. The sentiment has…

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