Sensory Branding : What is this I smell??

Marketing and Branding is all about appealing to the emotions of your target audience. Its about creating an intimate connect with them, by appealing to their feelings, aspirations, fears, desires and wants. Isn’t it all about Senses?

Alicia Clegg shares the story of Orgasmic Chocolates, the brain (or perhaps love) child of two budding UK entrepreneurs, is a new luxury chocolate infused with “wildcrafted” Chinese herbs, which its owners hope will be the next big thing in chocolate indulgence.

The Branding , although making the most rash promise, is intent on creating a deep emotional connect with their target customers through texture, smell, taste and visual appeal.

In India, the use of Sensory marketing is quite limited to visual senses. While the field lies wide open to appeal through the touch, texture, smell and sound , creating a more comprehensive and wholesome brand experience.

Also interesting is the inherent ability of the Direct Marketing channel to adopt the most substance out of sensory marketing efforts.

In Brand Sense, author Martin Lindstrom predicts that the world of marketing is about to witness “seismic shifts” in the way in which consumers perceive brands, analogous to “moving from black and white television…with mono sound to high-definition color screens installed with surround sound.” The revolution will come about, he argues in the book, as businesses look beyond their traditional palette to include as many sensory cues as possible in their marketing and product development.

This should bring a new wave to the branding discipline. And we are already SMELLING it in the air!

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Brand

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