Social Media relevant for B2B??

Social Media relevant for B2B

Some Indicative Numbers

% of B2B companies engage with their customers on a daily basis via social media
% of B2B marketers thought social media was irrelevant.
% of B2B firms have no staff dedicated to social media
% of B2B firms use outside agencies or consultants.

B2B-Social-Media-Marketing-InfographicForrester Research is betting that interactive spending will double from 2009 to 2014 to total $54 million. While it’s not clear how much of that money will go into social media, the report was bullish on the new tools provided they’re used correctly. “Social marketing is great for building more intimate relationships with your clients and prospects,” wrote Forrester’s Michael Greene. “But many marketers are diving into social marketing without a coherent social marketing strategy.”

One of the key reason of slow adoption by B2B companies is the perception that Social media is a Marketing tool. Actually its more a CRM tool, with extended Marketing benefits. Its a listening tool, its a hub of conversation, its the opportunity to get the pulse of your market, your customers, like never before.

Its time B2B companies realize how they can connect with and engage their customers and targets and launch multi channel programs , like never before , through Social Media.

Posted on June 1, 2015 in B2B

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